The Total Farm Marketing by Stewart-Peterson advantage.

A team-based approach with years of experience in agriculture.

As a participant in a TFM PriceProducer contract, you get the best thinking of not just one mind, but a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds.

Why does this matter? Because diversity of thought helps ensure analysis of the most important factors, synthesized into thoughtful, effective strategies, all while avoiding the danger of bias into recommendations.

The Total Farm Marketing team is composed of people who have been commodity brokers, grain merchandisers, mutual fund traders and farmers with agriculture degrees. Together, they build strategies that incorporate best thinking and a focus on the needs of farmer customers.

TFM PriceProducer takes advantage of all the analysis and research of the Total Farm Marketing team, and is directed by risk management leaders. Together, they offer years of experience helping farmers drive farm marketing success.

Mike Vigneau: Director of Commercial Markets

Mike Vigneau started his career at a respected investment firm, advising clients on personal investments while simultaneously earning a degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin. After graduating, Mike was promoted to trader, where for 10 years he helped portfolio managers structure portfolios.

Mike has been at Total Farm Marketing since 2012, and during that time he has been the major contributor to the grain team’s expertise in global markets and the potential impact of those markets on client outcomes. His years of experience navigating volatile markets make him a highly valued member of the TFM360 grain team.

Eric Fransen: Grain Team Director

Eric Fransen has been with Total Farm Marketing since 2007. Eric received a degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and previously worked in the banking and finance field. He has a thorough understanding of the financial demands and challenges that farm families face.

Eric’s strengths include planning and discipline. He understands how irrational and volatile the markets can be, and knows how to take advantage of that. He excels at bringing his team together and forming a consensus that helps producers manage market opportunities and risks.

Matt Mattke: Dairy Team Director

Matt Mattke graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in agricultural business management. During his high school and college years he interned with Garst Seeds and John Deere Credit as a credit analyst, and worked for a 4,000-acre corn and soybean farm.

Matt’s strengths include research and strategy building. He has developed databases of fundamental and technical information to help build strategies for the ever-changing risks associated with dairy operations. Matt excels at facilitating and leading strategy meetings with his team to ensure dairy producers are receiving the most up-to-date recommendations.

For decades, our farmer-first mentality has driven every recommendation that Total Farm Marketing makes. 

A farmers’ marketing success depends on a responsible approach to the markets and having their interests placed ahead of all else.

Yes, results are important.

Yet marketing isn’t simply a numbers game. Total Farm Marketing’s goal is to help you seize opportunity while protecting you from downside risk – instead of amplifying risk, dampen it.

Farm-focused strategies should lead with sales decisions.

The most powerful tool in the marketing toolbox is the soybeans and corn in your field. The foundation of price-building is taking bites out of the market with incremental sales. This helps ensure you don’t miss rallies and don’t fall into the trap of selling at inopportune times.

Other marketing tools support and protect those decisions without excessive and sometimes risky trading. Total Farm Marketing believes the most effective and responsible marketing doesn’t attempt to outguess the market, but rather to manage to it. They aim to build weighted average price by developing strategies that minimize the distance between the peaks of the market, and maximize the distance from the bottoms.

Effective farm marketing is disciplined and consistent.

TFM PriceProducer uses the same philosophy of approach that farmers have used with the TFM360 service for decades. Emotions associated with marketing can lead to financial heartache. That’s the reason for a disciplined and consistent approach. It prevents emotions from driving decisions.

Evaluate the market consistently with a rigorous, disciplined process.

All people tend to search for information that confirms an existing belief, and this confirmation bias can lead them to evaluate the market in a subjective way.  Total Farm Marketing’s approach to minimize, if not erase, confirmation bias is to evaluate the market using the same process and the same robust statistics and analysis every week, no matter what, to help ensure no important factor is missed.

Determine the range of market possibilities.

Ultimately, no one knows exactly what the market will do, which is why making decisions on outlook can lead to disastrous results. Total Farm Marketing believes it is best to manage the market by developing an understanding of the range of potential market action – how high or how low – to build a comprehensive, dynamic strategy.

Develop strategies for not just one, but many scenarios.

The hallmark of good planning is in the strength of your backup plans. When it comes to farm marketing, this means being prepared for what you will do regardless of what curve balls the market throws at you. Market Scenario Planning, Total Farm Marketing’s proprietary methodology, allows strategy development for virtually any scenario as the market unfolds.

Use math and analysis to evaluate decisions before the market moves.

Often, a strategy may appear attractive until you do the math. Analysis may show that the strategy has little, if any impact on the weighted average price being built. Total Farm Marketing evaluates each and every strategy to determine if it is beneficial overall and to ensure that it minimizes, not amplifies, overall risk.

Make sure that farm marketing decisions work in concert over time.

Rather than think of farm marketing as discrete decisions made independently, Total Farm Marketing builds price comprehensively, holistically, and incrementally – focused on sales decisions that work together with past and upcoming decisions, and using other marketing tools to protect those sales decisions.

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