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TFM PriceProducer

Professionally managed grain contracts from Cornerstone Ag.

With TFM PriceProducer, you get a farm marketing solution that does the work of building price professionally, while also offering the convenience of stored crop and 1 year new crop corn, wheat and soybean contracts from Cornerstone Ag.

Contracts Available

1-Year Contract

August Start

A one-year marketing period for fall delivery.

Price: $0.08/bu

Marketing Period: August 1 – June 15 of the following year

TFM KC Wheat (1 year Aug Start)

Stored Crop Contract

October Start

For grain already stored or that you plan to store from this year’s harvest for delivery next summer.

Price: $0.07/bu

Marketing Period: Oct 1 – June 15 of the following year

TFM Stored Corn

1-Year Contract

October Start

A one-year marketing period for fall delivery.

Price: $0.08/bu Corn, $0.10/bu Soybeans

Marketing Period: Oct 1 – Sep 15 of the following year

TFM Corn (1 year Oct Start)

TFM Soybeans (1 year Oct Start)

1-Year Contract

January Start

A nine month marketing period for fall delivery – allowing you to finish the previous year’s harvest prior to starting to market the current year’s crop.

Price: $0.07/bu

Marketing Period: Mid Jan – Sep 30 of the same year

TFM Corn (1 year Jan Start)

A simple approach to professional farm marketing.

Set a solid farm marketing foundation for your crop you will store, as well as your 2021 corn, wheat and soybean crops.

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