Looking out your tractor window, you may worry from time to time about how you’re going to market the crops you’re growing. When is the best time to make a sale? What percent of your grain should you sell now and what percent later? And worst of all – are you too late?

Your grain company and TFM PriceProducer have a solution designed to give you peace of mind, led by a philosophy that focuses on what’s most important to you – the crop in your field.


TFM PriceProducer 
Professional risk management wrapped in a grain contract.

Behind every farm marketing decision there’s a farmer whose livelihood depends on a responsible, farmer-centric methodology.

For decades, the Total Farm Marketing family of companies has worked with thousands of individual farmers all over the country delivering holistic, comprehensive farm marketing strategies. Strategies that focus on each farmer and their grain in the field.

Now Total Farm Marketing is taking that same approach with TFM PriceProducer, a service that offers you all the advantages of price risk management and all the benefits of soybean and corn contracts offered through your preferred grain company.

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TFM PriceProducer.